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Young Activists

Lead meaningful impact.

Hara Academy connects you to hands-on training, tools, mentorship and opportunities that provide you the space to transform your career into a catalyst for social good.


Social Entrepreneurship Program

Confidently turn your ideas into impact projects with a triple bottom line: people, planet, profit.

Shed your imposter syndrome and access the knowledge, tools, and mentorship needed to build and lead a social business that thrives.

This 6-month program combines 12-weeks of learning and building the pieces to your social business. The following 12-weeks of industry mentorship (we connect you to an aligned mentor!) helps keep you accountable, access funding and widen your professional network so you can confidently launch your business. 

Impact Leadership Program

Explore your passion for social change and build an EPIC career leading impact.

Strengthen your leadership skills, hone your love for social good, and connect your skills into service at leading social ventures, nonprofits, NGOs, and social impact projects.

This 6-month program combines 12-weeks of virtual, hands-on learning with 12-weeks of integrating your skills into a meaningful project at a community organization in need (one of our community partners) so you can apply your learning to the real world right away.

How do you plant the seeds of change?

It takes a village (and the energy of a

small guesthouse called Hara House).

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