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Meet our network of mentors and facilitators

Although we customize our mentors per cohort based on your unique needs, these incredible leaders will give you a sense of just how much goodness is here for you at Hara Academy.

Kriti Tula of Doodlage.jpeg

Kriti Tula

Doodlage, Co-Founder & Creative Director

A trained apparel designer and design manager, Kriti has worked in the global apparel industry for more than 10 years. After Pursuing her under grad. at pearl academy in Fashion Designing in 2010 and working in the Indian fashion industry for several years; she moved to London for her masters in Design management on a full scholarship at London college of fashion. After her post graduation, she got a chance to work in London for a few years before coming back to India to expand her label Doodlage. She is the creative brain behind Doodlage. Her journey in sustainable fashion started very early on and has won her many awards and accolades for upcycled, recycled and ethically made fashion.

Kriti started the conversation around sustainable fashion in India in 2012. Her work focuses on creating awarness around the need for alternate fashion economies. With Doodlage her aim is to create India's first global sustainable and affordable fashion brand; focussing on reselling, repair and upcycling while including ethically made recycled fabrics.

While her work has been covered by many global organisations like Duetsche Welles, Brut, Apple Inc, fashion revolution, sophie australia. Doodlage is equally publicised by media in India and has grown to be one of the most acknowledged and credible brands for sustainable fashion in India.

Priti Pugalia of Craft Boat.jpeg

Priti Pugalia

Craft Boat, Founder

Priti has been on an entrepreneurial journey since 2015- learning to sail CRAFT BOAT. After training as a Textile and Apparel designer for four years at a Pearl Academy in Jaipur, she worked for 9 months with the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad as a Research Associate to help compile a book on 50 years of Design in India. She spends most of her day searching for design solutions for up cycling textile waste into handmade paper or finding market opportunities for the Indian craft community.

Priti Pugalia of Craft Boat.jpeg

Ryan Dyment

Toronto Tool Library, Co-Founder

Back in 2013, Ryan co-founded the Toronto Tool Library and led the project until 2018. The Library loaned over 100,000 tools, had an onsite Makerspace and a Sharing Depot, or Library of Things as well.

Aanchal Saini

FlyRobe, CEO

Lawyer turned entrepreneur Aanchal Saini is the CEO of India’s first and the largest fashion rental service — Flyrobe.
Founded RENT IT BAE and acquired Flyrobe to make the business 10X.

Her core belief is that sustainable fashion can transform the world with the contribution of now booming fashion rental industry. She advocates on fashion that is eco-friendly and cost-effective. Thus, catering to a mass audience through omnichannel expansion in the country and overseas is in her ‘to-dos’.

Prior to establishing her love for fashion sustainability, she was a practising lawyer at Delhi High Court for 7 years.

Her key accomplishments include - setting up the Delhi International Arbitration Centre and becoming a true fashion rental aficionado.

Aanchal Saini of FlyRobe
Wahid Hossain (CO-Founder & Program Director.JPG

Wahid Hossain

TigerBow, Founder

Wahid is a social entrepreneur and educator with experience working in Bangladesh and the USA. He impacted over 2000+ lives through his ethical fashion company TigerBow. He leads BeyondGrades, a social entrepreneurship graduate program for public school students in Bangladesh partnering with EMK Centre and a2i. He studied Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Watson Institute in Boulder, Colorado. Beside this Wahid is a Resolution Project fellow, TEDxCU Speaker and has been in and around the University of Boulder Colorado and Denver School of Science and Technology academic ecosystem.

Gopika Kaul

I Kid You Not, Founder

Gopika is the Head of Content at TC Global - a platform that simplifies international education, learning and mobility through connecting students, universities and a global community on a single platform.

Gopika is also the founder of I Kid You Not (, a safe and immersive news platform for kids and teens that captures their world and explains things simply.

With content and digital strategy being her forte, Gopika has over two decades of experience across diverse sectors in Hong Kong, the U.S., and India. She has led teams, across functions, to create content solutions and digital strategies for organizations, both at large conglomerates as well as at start-ups. Previously she has worked for in New Delhi as a multimedia content lead, and also for Time Warner in New York. More recently, she was heading content and digital strategy for First Partners, an award-winning communications agency based in Noida. She was also co-founder of Reboot - a diverse workforce participation consultancy.

Gopika has written for the op-ed section for The Times of India, International Business Times, Huffington Post, Daily O and Qiddle, to name a few.

Mahima Gujral of Sui

Mahima Gujral

Sui, Founder

Mahima Gujral, a graduate of Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore and SDA Bocconi Milan is the founder of Sui. She fondly calls her nature and travel loving soul “Brown Girl on the run”. Born into a world of elegant dressing with a family that works in the Indian fashion industry, she grew up recognizing the beauty of custom-made clothing, the value of quality fabrics, the craft of embroidery and the essence of building close-knit relationships at every part of your value chain.

Bitten by the travel bug at a young age, Mahima has always believed that the best journeys are those closest to nature, those that inspire, energize and fascinate.

After learning about the impact of fashion back in 2016, she began a journey of her own into mindful purchasing and conscious living. Shortly into her journey, she realized that slow fashion was still viewed as unrelatable by many.


She began SUI, with a hope to make sustainable fashion more wearable with no compromise on quality and processes. Her goal is to make sustainability more relevant, using fashion, travel and conversation as a medium.

Arianna Campos

New Ventures

@aricamposm is working as a Project Manager at New Ventures; a firm focused on helping social and environmental impact enterprises. She mainly leads IKEA Social Entrepreneurship's accelerator in Mexico, supporting 20 start-ups to scale their impact through a one-year tailor-made program.

After studying International Relations, Ari has focused her career on corporate sustainability, previously collaborating in organizations such as the German Cooperation Agency for Sustainable Development (Biodiversity Cluster) and a forestry NGO.

In her free time, she is a pro-bono mentor at INTRARE, an incubator for refugees, migrants and deportees that accelerates their economic and social inclusion in society.

Ariana Campos
Pragya Tiwari of Ojio

Pragya Tiwari

Oijo, Founder

Creative Director, Oijo and Founder of Indian History Collective
Former Editor - Vice India, The Big Indian Picture, Tehelka Magazine

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