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If every single human made one change today to put people and the planet first, imagine the impact it would have on Mother Earth.

7.7 billion people planting a tree.

7.7 billion people choosing to conserve water.

7.7 billion people refusing to buy disposable products.

7.7 billion people deciding that we are all human and no one of us is more or less than another.

Our diverse workshops and eco-warrior programs equip students and young adults with the skills, knowledge and network to turn their dreams of a sustainable world into reality! 


Whether you have an idea that fosters social impact or you want to learn about sustainable travel on one of our travel programs, Hara World support you in trailblazing on-ground action to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals! 

Our programs encourage you to think creatively and critically about climate solutions by connecting you with industry leaders, mentors and experiential education opportunities so you CAN begin your EPIC journey as a Changemaker!

Hara World is an experiential education organization for young changemakers.
We bring diverse groups of youth together to strengthen their leadership skills while fostering activism, resilience, social entrepreneurship and social-emotional development.


So, how did the #hararevolution begin?

Once upon a time a shy Manoj and an enthusiastic Jazzmine met working for an NGO in Gajner, a village located 30-km from where our first Hara House became home in Bikaner. After exchanging languages, cultural traditions, and dreams for the future, Manoj and Jazzmine quickly adopted each other as brother and sister.


After 3 years in the community, Manoj and Jazzmine realized their passions for youth empowerment and environmental action. Transforming hospitality and tourism was the next big adventure they wanted to embark on, but what would it look like?


In 2017, the duo developed the concept of a zero-waste space investing 20% of profits and 100% of efforts to support economic, social, and environmental sustainability in Bikaner.


In 2018, Hara House was born. The project would have seemed impossible if not for the help of our community in India and Canada providing resources, funds, hours of building & painting & strategizing, and showin' us a whole lot of love.


Today, Hara House stands as a prime example of what the tourism industry can be and lives under the Hara World umbrella. 


In 2019, Hara World was born, leading tours, programs, and experiences from Delhi to Bombay, with online programs connections global youth. In 2020, the team launched the first Hara Hub in Bikaner in partnership with Mario Rooftop & Resto Lounge.


Following COVID-19, when all operations came to a halt, Hara World took the lead to make sure community projects across India could keep up with the financial challenges of the pandemic by raising $5000 to support 6 organizations with micro-grant funding.


Now, our focus is on supporting our growing community of young leaders in accessing the tools, resources, mentors and community needed to confidently step forward into the action they want to bring forth to their local, national or even global community - because every drop makes a ripple.

Travelling to Manali? Stay at our new Hara House on Hamta, supporting scholarships for youth to access our programs.

Jazzmine facilitating a walking tour in Mumbai.jpeg

Jazzmine Raine

Programs Director, Founder,

Co-founder of Hara House


Tenzin Dhadon

Manali Hub Coordinator

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