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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Workshop

Our SDGs Workshop introduces the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to participants, bringing awareness to the work needed to live in a sustainable world.

Students learn about the various social, economic, environmental, and political issues our world is facing and build solutions for local and global impact.

College Students

This workshop is educational and accessible for students aged between 10-18 years.

Throughout this 4 hour session, students will engage in fun and interactive group activities to learn why the SDGs are important to achieve, and how we can achieve them. Activities include learning how to live on $1.00USD a day, and ideating ways to save water within their community spaces.

As a result, students understand how they can take action in their communities by developing their own creative and fictional cities built on the roots of the 17 SDGs.

Here’s some of the skills we work towards in this workshop:

Holistic Problem Solving

Conscious Living,  Consumerism & Leadership

Collaborative Teamwork

Design & Critical Thinking Skills


Social Innovation

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