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Take the lead on your inner journey.

Mindfulness programming for activists, leaders, and students 

In order to take care of the world, you need to take care of yourself first.


Do you find yourself struggling with climate anxiety? Feeling heavy after a week of overwhelming course work, job tasks, or simply connecting with other people because, well, COVID?

Strengthen your social-emotional development and mental health with a group of peers supporting your journey (and keeping you accountable!) to holistic health and wellness.

While the education system helps you with cognitive development, once you step outside the classroom, trigonometry isn't going to get you very far.


Our evidence-based Mindfulness Ambassador Program changes that story. Through active experiential learning and cross-cultural conversations on mindfulness and social and emotional competence, our program encourages you ask questions, to explore your inherent wisdom and develop the resources needed to address the challenges and opportunities you will continue to face inside and outside of the school walls.


Join us self discovery and community building that will help prepare you to serve as a knowledgeable, responsible and caring citizen of the future (and get certified as a Mindfulness Ambassador for your self work!).

Hara World is proud to be the first certified organization in Asia to facilitate the Mindfulness Ambassador Program under the Mindfulness Without Borders curriculum.

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Healing Therapy

Your Program Curriculum

What to expect during our time together:

  • Engage in intentional conversation and reflection

  • Connect to and regulate your emotions and behaviours

  • Strengthen your active listening and communication skills

  • Deepen your understanding of the connection between your passions, your work, your community and your overall health

  • Learn new mindfulness practices

  • Enjoy a safe and empathetic space and community of people just like YOU

Week 1
Mindfulness Basics

Week 4
Authentic Connection

Week 2
Paying Attention

Week 5
Practicing Gratitude

Week 3
Discovering Inside

Week 6
Mind-Body Connection

Week 7
Emotional Intelligence

Week 10
Handling Conflict Skillfully

Week 8
Noticing Emotional Triggers

Week 11
Nurturing Compassion

Week 9
Exploring Open-Mindedness

Week 12
Being The Change

Meet your facilitator

Jazzmine Raine is a social entrepreneur, storyteller, and experiential education facilitator. She is the founder of Hara World and Hara House, India’s first zero-waste hospitality space.


Jazzmine leverages the power of story to support recent grads, aspiring entrepreneurs, marginalized groups, and ethical brands to challenge the status quo and work towards a sustainable, inclusive, and inspiring future.


Jazzmine has been nominated for multiple awards for her Hara World initiatives and was named 1 of 35 social entrepreneurs to watch by Causeartist. She has spoken on her passions and journey across the globe, including at BoldTalks Dubai, Tourism Shala India, and with many education institutions and community platforms across the globe.


Jazzmine is a 2021-22 Western Union Fellow under Watson Institute. In her spare time, you'll find her writing short stories and working on her first YA novel, Generation Uprising.


Live and lead with a strong mindset.
Program Fee: 1,000INR

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