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Tired of hustling alone for a greener world?

On Friday, September 15, we're launching HaraHub, a virtual co-working and networking space for Impact Leaders around the world.

Feeling disconnected? We've got your back!

We were tired of feeling the same way, working to help empower Impact Leaders across the globe but doing so in the silence of our own homes, apartments, or coffee shops. The isolated was real!

That's why we decided to launch HaraHub, bringing together like-minded social entrepreneurs, nonprofit champs, and fierce activists like you.


Our platform is your go-to spot to connect, collaborate, share ideas with your green tribe, access aligned job and funding opportunities, and learn from industry pros!

What inside the hub

Friends and Donuts

Bridge those knowledge gaps

Feeling like you're missing out on the eco-know-how? Jump into weekly virtual events, workshops, and the Impact Leadership podcast led by industry pros. Level up your skills, get inspired, and unleash your eco-warrior potential.

In-person meet-ups

Yearning for some real-world action? We hear you! HaraHub offers in-person co-working experiences in different corners of the globe. It's time to team up, swap ideas, and make real impact, one green project at a time!

Peer support and accountability

Keeping that eco-momentum can be tough. But guess what? HaraHub's got cool productivity tools and peer support to keep you on track. Stay accountable and slay those eco-goals like a pro!

Membership Pricing

The FIRST 50 members will receive LIFE-TIME access to the platform for just $19CAD (that's 1200INR for our leaders in India!).

After those rocking spots are claimed, here's what our pricing structure looks like:

Event Planner's Portrait

HaraHub Monthly Member

Businessman Portrait

HaraHub Annual Member
$100/year (save 18%!)

Information Technology

Hara Academy program participants get FREE access for 12-months

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